Monday, April 14, 2008

The Evolution of GPS Technology
After reading an article on the Rise and rise of GPS Mobile, it has just hit me that technology is evolving and there is nothing we can do about it. Now we do not even need to buy fancy navigation systems or even pay extra for them. Your cell phone, yes that device you use on a daily basis to make and receive calls, text message, check your email, and even listen to music, can now tell you where you are and how to get where you are going. It can also tell you where something is located and provide you a map of the area. In think this has to be one of the greatest additions to the technology world. Everything you need, built into one phone. The Iphone is a prime example of this. I have one and it really does have everything I would ever need. Now with the recent addition of the GPS application, my phone can tell me where I am and give me directions to where I need to go. With this new application, we can all find where we need to go and you don't even need to be in a car. You can use your phone!

Below is a video that shows you how the GPS application work on the iphone.


Kendra said...

One of my questions to all the new applications for phones is that is there too much being put on phones? In one of my other classes, a couple students were talking about a possibility for a phone to be used to start your car and do everything that you need in a car, like music, GPS, etc... That would be big.

Deepak Shahani said...

I think it is very convenient to have many applications on one device and reduces the need to have many hand held devices. That is why pda produced by PalmPilot and HP are losing market share to the iphone and other cellphones. I find that the technology is useful but there are some glitches with the IPhone. The idea is great but they need to improve on the execution. Often my iphone freezes up when I'm typing stuff in and it lacks some of the features that normal phones have, such as cancelling sending a text message while sending, when you realize you forgot to mention something. Maybe the Iphone is spreading itself too thin, and if they just improve on the technology, it would be perfect.