Monday, April 7, 2008

The New Politics: Facebook?

What is the deal with Facebook and Politics? After reading a blog about how facebook changes politics, it has come to my attention that social networking sites are now being taken advantage of and abused by many politicians as well as political supporters and such. But, why would a social networking site mainly created for the use of making and staying connected to friends be used for politics? The answer to the question is simple and is clearly expressed in the blog. It stated that,

"Politics on the internet is about a tension: between politicians trying to use it to attract supporters and people trying to use it to influence change. The tension is that most of each group sees the other as a necessary evil that needs to be harnessed. If neither fully understands why the other is in this new space then their interaction is minimal."

I was never really into politics and ever since I came to DC, it has been hard to steer clear of anything having to do with politics. It has been all over the news, newspaper headlines, posters, etc., basically everywhere. I don't think politics should invade social networking sites. There are other sites and ways to express your opinion or support your cause. Even though using social networking sites may benefit the politician or supporters, it's not necessary. The evolution of the technology has opened up a robust forum for people to use and abuse. Now there are so many different sites dedicated to specific interests or views and there is no need for politics to expand so much as to invade sites for the purpose of influencing a change.

Below is a very interesting video on Facebook and politics, what a coincidence. Its short and interesting. Enjoy!

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Deepak Shahani said...

I think that the line is definately blurring between the social side of networking and serious issues such as business and politics. We can definately see this in the political sense such as with the Barack Obama facebook group. We can also see businesses delving into the realm of social networking with groups such as Ernst & Young Careers Group. In some ways, it takes away the social side of networking, as serious endeavours such as politics and businesses are entering the sphere.